About Me:
My name is Joakim Nilsson and I was born and raised on the Swedish west coast, just north of Gothenburg.

I studied Computer Graphics and Photo editing at Portalens Gymnasium (Now known as Thorén Innovation School) in Uddevalla. My major was mostly based around 3D-modeling and rendering Autodesk Maya, and scultping in Mudbox. I graduated in 2012 at the age of 19. My competence lies within 3D-Modeling, texturing and compositing. Also, Photo editing and post-processing. I can dosculpting, rigging as well as animation and basic game-programming (in Blender only). But all that is on a basic level. However, my prime focus is the modeling and compositing part.

For the most part I use a software called Blender 3D. I have been using it actively since 2009 and I have been using both the built-in game engine as well as the different renderers the software provide me with; Blender Internal and Cycles.

Cycles has been my prime focus since around 2013 when I started to create interior design mock-ups and tests. I took note of the realism Cycles can render with very early on, and have stuck to it since. All the renders you see on this website are created, composed and rendered in Blender 3D. Some post-processing has been done in GiMP, Photoshop as well as Paint.NET.

Software I use:

Modeling: Blender 3D, Autodesk Maya
Scultping: Blender 3D, zBrush
Rigging & Animation: Blender 3D
Rendering: Cycles Render Engine
Post-processing: Photoshop, GiMP, Paint.NET


Work Experiences:

Marketing, Kalas Reklam, 2011
At school we had a big assignment where we were assigned to teams of 4, and our objective was to market local events around our city by using what we had learned at school. This was in cooperation with the local marketing firm, Kalas Reklam. I decided to use my CG and photoshop knowledge to my advantage and create a pamphlet marketing “Off-Shore Racing” (Speed boat racing).

Architecture: Interior Design & Visualisation of concept, 2013
During 2013 some friends were studying at Chalmers University, Gothenburg. Here, they met many people who needed help to show their concepts during certain projects at school. I helped them out by creating their architectural scenes and interior and outdoor renders.

Engineering: Concept Visualisation, 2013 – 2014
At the same time as I was doing the architectural renders for other students, I also helped out the engineers and project manager-students to visualize their concepts as well. This ranged from engine-parts and machinery to daily life products and structures alike. The renders they needed were on a very basic level and not aimed towards realism since it was just a proof of concept in the form of a picture.


You can reach me here:
Sheldinart@Gmail.com (Will open in a new Window/Tab)